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An elegant clean look with a casual cool girl vibe


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Phoebe is made with a stylish blog lady in mind but totally works great for photographers and freelancers with a beautiful creative service. Phoebe has an elegant clean look with a casual cool girl vibe. Subtle neutrals and bold elegant fonts give a fresh and stylish radiance. 

Design your heart out with all the playful layouts you need. Your dream clients will flow easily through your website stunned by the clever high-end look that Phoebe is all about. Launch this cool website today and make those dream clients fall in love!

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A fully customizable website template for the drag & drop platform Showit (exclusive Showit subscription). You'll get the website template exactly like the live demo. Add your content, customize everything easily and go live!  The template includes the following pages:








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Hit the ground running with the Website and Content  checklist! Both checklists help you create and launch a website that turns awesome visitors into dreamy clients.

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I’ll check your website from head to toe right before you are ready to hit 'publish'. This way you feel confident that everything is good to go!

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It's really easy! Showit makes web design fun and simple for creatives just like you. Before you know it you are confidently in charge over every aspect of your website. I promise! See how it works and get all the clarity you need.

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"What I Iove most about Phoebe is the timeless and pure feel to it. Content really stands out in a playful and elegant way. The template is very versatile so it's easy to fall in love. My idea was to combine a cool editorial look with a friendly free flowing feel. I think it's so fun to use only neutral colors and add just one subtle pop of red in there for a modern touch." 

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The estimated dollar price for the template is $340. The currency rate varies everyday. It's best to proceed with checkout and see the exact dollar amount right before you confirm the purchase.

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