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You'll have a thoughtfully designed template created to turn visitors into clients

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You get me as your personal designer on the sidelines, from start to finish

You'll have a template with a fresh, minimal signature that's easily shifted to fit your brand

Right before you go live, you can request a free website check by me personally. I’ll check your website from head to toe. I immediately correct small things. I’ll send you a message when there are bigger things that need to be corrected.

personal designer feedback

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free website check

free launch checklist

I use this checklist for custom websites too! It's packed with my best tips to create a website that turns visitors into clients. You'll launch your website confidently and joyfully knowing that everything is perfect. 

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the benefits

Showit is the most innovative platform for drag & drop website building without code. Drag & drop like you've never seen before.

the best of the best

A Showit template can be completely turned upside down and 100% customized. No code. No hacking. No crying. Only big smiles!

creative freedom

The templates are fully responsive and look great on all screens. Determine the layout, styling and content for mobile yourself.

fully responsive

Blog with WordPress! Content power and WOW design come together seamlessly. Showit takes care of the tech stuff for free! 

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Easy SEO for headings, keywords, descriptions for each page. You can even optimize all website photos with keywords!

google friends

Live chat with Showit experts with the push of a button. And you'll get me as your personal website helper of course! 

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how it works

Choose a template from the shop that suits your business, branding and personal vision. Upload the template to your own Showit account with the share key.

buy & upload

Customize every detail easily with the amazing Showit app. Upload your content, hit 'publish' and your website is live. Now all you have to do is pop that rosé!

customize & launch

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A complete and easy to customize website with blog design for the drag & drop platform Showit (exclusive Showit subscription). Within minutes of purchase, you’ll receive a PDF file with the unique Site Key code. With this you can upload the template in your own Showit account exactly like the live demo. In de PDF file you’ll find step-by-step instructions and all the support links.



What will I get after purchase?

The templates are a digital product and are delivered immediately after payment. Therefore it is not possible to return the template and no refunds are available.

You will be redirected upon checkout to a download link. You will also be emailed a direct download link to the email you provide at checkout. If you have errors downloading the PDF or if you have questions? Please contact me or read the Terms and Conditions.



What is your refund policy?

Showit is the most innovative platform for drag & drop website building without code. Throw everything you know about templates and drag & drop, this is truly unique. Showit offers the possibility to customize templates 100% and create a unique WAUW look. The platform has been specially developed for creative entrepreneurs.



What is Showit? 

Showit has various subscription levels available starting as low as $19/mo (billed yearly). I recommend the middle tier with a blog at $24/mo (billed yearly) This allows you to make use of the Wordpress blog design that’s integrated in your template.

Your Showit subscription includes: hosting, backups, Wordpress blog, live chat support, free subdomains and access to a community full of creative Showit users. All templates are created for Showit and require an active Showit account.



How much does Showit cost?

Hell yes! With a Showit website you can edit EVERYTHING without code. The Showit templates can be fully customized. Showit is that you have control over the lay-out, pages, colors, fonts, images, logo, navigation, to the smallest details. You can simply pick up elements with your mouse. A beautiful web developer is no longer necessary, whooop!



Is Showit easy to customize?

Yes, absolutely! Showit is super user friendly and offers simple step-by-step tutorials and video's without technical language. Setting up your template is done in a few minutes! You can adjust everything in detail to your needs, without code and technical hassle. Also, Showit arranges everything technically in the backend of your website. So no more updating and backing up your website ever!  



I am not a technical, is that ok?

Showit has a ton of video tutorials available and a library full of help documents. Everything is explained in easy to follow steps. The Showit Support Team is unreal. They are always ready to help you. You can chat with them directly in the Showit app and send support tickets 24/7. You also get access to a Facebook group full of creative entrepreneurs like you. 

Of course I am here to help you too! Just send me an email at at anytime throughout the process and I'll make sure you get the help you need within 1-2 business days.



What kind of support is offered?

YES! A big fat yes. All Showit templates are fully responsive, they scale to fit any screen, and look beautiful on all types of desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile phones. It is even possible to completely customize the website for mobile. That is AMAZING because this allows you to determine the layout, styling and content for the mobile design!



Is Showit responsive?

Showit runs with the latest internet language HTML5. This ensures that everything on your website is perfectly indexed at Google. You can optimize keywords, alt tags, page titles, the whole shebang! You optimize your Wordpress blog with the Yoast SEO plugin. You have all the possibilities to make sure that Google is your best friend. 



What about SEO?

Absolutely! Your (existing) Wordpress blog will be integrated into your Showit design. This gives you the best of both worlds: the power and flexibility of Wordpress and the WOW design of Showit. The Showit experts help you migrate an existing blog for free! 



Can I blog with Wordpress?

Showit does not have any build-in shop options (yet). But it is possible to integrate Shopify (like my shop) Or you can link Showit to Etsy for example. Or you can link your Showit site to a separate Wordpress shop with the WooCommerce plugin.



Can I add a shop to my website?

Yes! You can absolutely hire me to do some customizations. For example, creating a pop-up, integrate Social Media or let me do a final check before you go live. Click here to get in touch. 

I also offer a full custom web design service. I love to create your dream website from start to finish! Please get in touch and l'll send you the details and pricing information.



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