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1 packed pdf-file including:

Branding questionnaire
Brand Adjective list
Pinterest Guidelines
Design Checklist
Free Feedback

Are you like me, doing everything on your own? Wearing all the girl boss hats? This can be a bit overwhelming, right? That’s why this freebie comes with me as your helper! I love to connect with you and give you free feedback. 

Simply send your completed Branding Freebie along with your struggles and questions to dianta@theroar.nl and I’ll be in touch with you.

In this freebie you find the process I use to create websites. Clients often ask me surprisingly how I read their mind?! Well, now you can be your own mind reader with this freebie! 

You can download this sweet freebie directly without e-mail signup. I trust that when you love this freebie that you’ll spread the joy. And when you'd like to buy, ask or share something that you’ll know where to find me! 


+ free feedback