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Hello, my name is Julie. I’m an Interior Designer and artist living in Kansas City, Missouri. I offer Interior Design, styling, and creative direction that is deeply rooted in creating meaningful interiors and products that tell a story. I also collaborate with non-profits and socially minded organizations and focus on ways design can offer a greater meaning and impact. Most recently, I’ve worked with the HALO Foundation to start the HALOmakers program for homeless and at-risk youth to handcraft reclaimed wood serving trays. I also launched a limited edition series of art collections that will benefit these organizations that are near and dear to me.

Tell us about yourself!

I would say the hardest lesson is carefully choosing to collaborate with people on projects, whether Interiors or products, that share in this intention of telling a sustainable, authentic story. When projects are rushed, the end product doesn’t tell a very meaningful story and does not offer much joy.

What is the hardest lesson you’ve learned in your business?

Being able to practice my creativity everyday and share that with others, especially the work I’ve done with nonprofits and organizations that hold a social mission.

What is the most fun part of your business?

Making sure that what you’ve chosen to start is helping others and does it add joy to your life.

What would be your #1 tip for someone starting a new business?

Creating meaningful interiors and products that tell a story

I’m always inspired by nature and travel and especially drawn to the Scandinavian style of design with its refined, natural aesthetic. I always infuse designs with sustainable choices, so I’m often searching for well-crafted vintage pieces that often hold inspiration for me.

What inspires you the most?

Family life is very important to me and I work from home. Being surrounded by my creative kids is an incredible gift, but sometimes chaotic. I stay grounded with regular yoga practice, hiking, and cooking healthy meals for my family.

How do you stay grounded and focused in a fast paced world?

Mostly through organic interaction, whether in person or through social media. Most business has been because of a personal connection to others that share in some of the same business values.

What is your best and most fun way to reach and acquire customers? 

I feel so much more confident in how the website tells the story of my aesthetic and my mission to create meaningful spaces and art for others.

How do you feel now that your new website is live? 

I was drawn to the Scandinavian style and simplicity. It focused on imagery and that’s how I tell the story of a space, infusing the design with sustainable and intentional selections.

What made you decide to choose a template from The Roar? 

I did enjoy it. There were aspects that were confusing but Dianta was quick to step in with all the answers I needed to follow through on launching it!

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