Antina Steenstra

By An10 Interior

Tell us about yourself!
Hej, my name is Antina, 49 years old and I live in Leeuwarden, The Netherlands. I am the owner of an online concept store named ‘sjoddy by an10’ with stylish home and lifestyle products. And because I always had a great passion for interiors, I follow a professional training for interior styling and design and I launched a new website BY AN10 INTERIEUR that I created with a template from The Roar. 

What is your specialty? What are you known for?
I describe my own interior as “modest ton-sur-ton with a fresh sparkle” and it’s truly a place where I can relax. Unity and balance ensure that and I love to create a space like this for other people. Figuring out what fits with someones personality, what makes someone feel comfortable, how someone uses the space, etc. Combining all elements that play a role in creating a suitable and beautiful interior.

What do you enjoy doing most within your company?
Being creative, researching who the home owner is, what suits him, her or them. Designing an interior that balances style and atmosphere.

What is your #1 tip for someone starting a new business?
Give yourself time and know that everyone is unsure at the beginning wondering if it will all work out. But stay true to yourself, do what feels good and what supports you. There is only one you and that makes you and your business unique.

Which podcast or book are you into at the moment?
I mainly get a lot of inspiration from home magazines and interior books. For example: STILL - The Slow Home, Stylish Living, Scandinavian Living, LIEFKE and Jan Wonen.

"for me a calm house, equals a calm heart, equals a calm life"

What inspires you?
Magazines, people, nature and travel.

What do you like to do in your free time?
Read, walk, grab a terrace, take a nice city walk.

What is your favorite mantra or quote?
Go with the flow.

Why did you decide to buy a template from The Roar?
There were a number of templates that appealed to me. And from there I started to think “which one really suits me and my company best” and this was template Phoebe!

Did you enjoy creating your website with Showit?
I really enjoyed creating my website. Of course it takes a lot of time and energy. And yes I grumbled a lot because I did not understand it and it didn’t work as I wanted it in my head. But creating my own site was really great fun and above all, very educational. 

How do you feel now that your new website is live?
Totally happy! The reactions are very positive. People who know me also say “this is you” and “this completely reflects you”.

Would you like to share something else?
Do not hesitate to create your own website. Dianta is helpful and thinks along with you. She explains things quickly in a personal video. Really nice!

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