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My end of the year quote for you

The why

I really believe that you thrive every year no matter what happens or doesn’t happen. While I see 2020 as a challenging, heartbreaking, crazy difficult year for many. I also see many lessons and blessings in coming together. It’s certainly important to acknowledge the bad stuff, but with the intention to let it go. I know the power of positivity and I know that positivity is much more magical when you consciously choose it. And I am blown away by you!

You chose to perceive your dreams and move forward no matter what it takes. That’s so awesome! This inspired me to send you off with a little end of the year motivation and recognition.

The song

I am from 1983, so I grew up with Simon and Garfunkel and the song ‘Bridge over troubled water’ always moves me. Okay, honestly, I cry the happy tears 😉 And I finally know why. You see, I choose my dreams too. I rather sail big scary waves, do things that make no sense to others and feel alive. Then to stay in calm waters, fit the mold and feel okay. Or in my case feel exhausted and frustrated in my attempt to ignore my dreams and talents. Right?

The quote

I truly believe that we all have dreams and desires for a very specific reason. When we set ourselves free and release that magic within, girl we are supported and supportive in ways far greater than we can imagine. So this quote reminds me to keep going. Just keep going. We are in storms we don’t understand, it’s dark and wild, but we are showing up! And most importantly, we trust our heart in doing the sailing. That’s why this specific quote feels like the perfect thing to say and the end of this year.


The friend

So here we go on this rollercoaster life we know! I am very excited to see you going in your own unique ways in 2021. And if you need a friend…I am sailing right behind. Yes!! Big virtual high five! If you feel inspired to get in touch, please do! I love to hear from you.


Have a very cozy and happy Christmas!

Much love,

xx Dianta

from The Netherlands

I am Dianta, a web designer in white sneakers from the Netherlands. I am here to help you create a website that supports you in every business season. And cheer you on! So let's get to know each other? I'll go first.

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