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Hello lovely! I thought it would be fun to share how I stay inspired. Whoop! It’s actually really easy because there are so many things around you right now that are pretty. You only need to become aware of it, just look around and ask yourself: where is beauty? what feels good? It’s all available to us in every moment and it’s usually found in the simplest things. Whenever I want to  create a new website template this is where it all begins.


I started to notice these beautiful whispers when I started to look through my camera lens. It all began with light as I learned that good lighting is most important to capture a good photo. Now I see textures, shapes, colors and all kinds of pretty details. As a creative, there are days where the juices don’t flow at all, but noticing something simple as a seashell can be a powerful pick me up to be on fire again.

The Roar Showit Web Design Business Website Template Creative Inspiration Flowers White

Not only as a creative it’s fun to look around for inspiration. It’s fun for everyone to notice all the beauty all around us because it feels good! Also, if you are going to rebrand your business with a new website it’s really fun to notice these small nuggets of beauty. It helps you to translate your vision into something tangible and use this as a reminder or anchor during your creative process. The ease of fluffy clouds in the sky, the delicacy of a flower leave, the coziness of a cotton sweater or the clean lines of a notebook can all reflect your business values.

The Roar Showit Web Design Business Website Template Creative Inspiration White Seashells

I hope you liked this post and maybe you are already inspired by something around you now? Pinterest is my jam so you’ll find lots of inspiration there. You can also check out my photography work and get ideas for your next creative project. And if you need help with your creative project, whatever it might be, feel free to get in touch. I love to help you!

Photo’s created by me. 

xx Dianta

from The Netherlands

I am Dianta, a web designer in white sneakers from the Netherlands. I am here to help you create a website that supports you in every business season. And cheer you on! So let's get to know each other? I'll go first.

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