The benefits of creating your own website - Website Tips + Inspiration
A couple of benefits of creating your own website that will definitely overwrite the idea that this might be overwhelming. 

The benefits of creating your own website

Creating your own website can feel overwhelming. You are not a web designer and you don’t aspire to become one! Also, a new website is kind of a big thing considering that it’s the number one tool to attract clients. Hiring a designer that creates a stunning website for you is wonderful, but maybe this investment is too much of a stretch right now. Oh no, what to do! Well, here I share the best benefits of creating your own website, that might get you all excited to go for it! 

You are free

You can have a friend do it for free or have a web developer do it for a second mortgage, but being free to do whatever you want beats it all. There is something so satisfying and magical about creating your own website. Because it’s not just about doing a fun DIY project, but during your creative process you are also crafting your business. You can delete a certain offer in a whim or turn your about page upside down, without explaining it to anyone. It makes you rethink all the aspects of how you want your business to be while being free to follow your intuition instantly. 

You can grow

Now that you’ve learned to create your website, you’re able to make changes too! As a creative entrepreneur, you’re never done. You fine-tune your offer and your message every day when you run a business. How nice is it when your website easily changes with you? Without a whole day spend behind the computer, a pricy web developer and countless emails back and forth. This way your website works for you and not the other way around. 

You are in control

Nothing beats the feeling of seeing your vision come to live and be the one doing it! However, do yourself a huge favor and go for a Showit website. I know, I am biased as a Showit designer but in all honesty, I only work with Showit because my non-designer clients find it a joy to work with. That’s because Showit is developed with the goal to set your creative heart free and put you back in control. There are many different website platforms available and sure Showit is definitely not for everyone. But if you’re anything like me, a creative dreamer, you’re going to love Showit. Don’t just take my word for it, get to know Showit first and see for yourself if it’s a good fit for you. Read this blog post with a free checklist: 3 things to do before you buy a Showit template.

You can also check out the shop for pre-designed website templates and save yourself a huge amount of time by creating your website from scratch! Know that you are not alone when you decide to take the DIY route. I am always here to help you!

xx Dianta

from The Netherlands

I am Dianta, a web designer in white sneakers from the Netherlands. I am here to help you create a website that supports you in every business season. And cheer you on! So let's get to know each other? I'll go first.

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