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3 things to do before you buy a Showit template

Is a Showit website right for you? Let me help you make this decision and make sure you are not surprised along the way. So before you click that buy button, read this, do some homework and then go for it like the girl boss you are! Or not, that’s totally fine too! I am here to support and inspire you to do what you love, however that looks like for you. So here we go babes….

1. Test drive Showit

Get to know your new best online friend called: Showit. Check the Showit demo page or signup for a free 14-day trial and use this free time to click and test. Edit, move, delete, add and play around with all the elements. Everything new has a learning curve, but you’ll discover that this curve is short and sweet. In no time you’ll know your way around and editing your website will be a breeze. While you’re free riding, test the marketing tools you have in mind or are already using. This is your chance to check how it’s done and if Showit integrates well with your marketing needs.

2. Do the math

It’s important to know if Showit meets your website dreams but equally important is if it fits your budget. Showit has various subscription levels available starting as low as $19/mo (billed yearly) and includes hosting, backups, WordPress blog, live chat support, free subdomains and access to a community full of creative Showit users. And of course use of the innovative drag and drop Showit app.

It might feel uncomfortable to pay for your website annually, but please consider the time wasted figuring things out on your own doing tricky updates, edits, and backups. As a creative who has had a website on different free and paid platforms, this money takes you a long way. I have spent days stitching my website back together after an update and sent many emails to pricey developers. Showit takes away the struggle and gives back your valuable time, which results in a happier workflow and wallet in the end.

Besides Showit and a new template, there may be some other costs. Maybe a template has paid fonts, graphics, icons or stock photos. In order to keep using these, you need to purchase the license which usually is a one-off amount between 10-40 euros. I always use free stuff but sometimes a specific font or stock photo is just so pretty! Of course, you can always decide not to use these and replace it, no problem! Get in touch with me to check and we can always brainstorm free options together. Also, an Instagram feed integration with Lightwidget costs a one-time payment of $10. There are many different email and marketing integrations with various price tags. So, don’t forget to take these into account as well. 

3. Choose a design

Alright, now that we are clear and confident to hop on the Showit train, which template is right for you? Most important here is to follow your gut feeling, but we are professional creatives getting down to business right? So it’s good to know what you offer and who you serve. Doing a little branding homework will give you this clarity so download this Branding Freebie and you’ll get everything you need in one packed pdf-file. After you’ve done your homework, maybe the template you had an eye on matches your vision perfectly! Or you discover that you need a template that’s a bit cleaner or playful looking? Either way, this freebie is a good start to choose a template that fits your vision.

Also, if you are not sure how many galleries you might need. Or you’re doubtful if the service page has enough space for your packages. Please know that the templates are 100% customizable in just a few drags, drops and clicks. Simply check if a template covers all your basic website needs and keep in mind that everything is adjustable. There are no limits here! Try to make a list of the things you like to change about the template and check if you are able to make these changes yourself. If not, get in touch with me to find out if I can do these edits for you free of charge or if these cost an additional fee. Spoiler alert: I usually do these for free but don’t tell everyone ; ) 

Free checklist

There you have it! Things to do before you buy a template. I have put it all clearly in a free checklist for you. And don’t forget that the goal here is to launch a website you love, so give yourself the freedom to take your time and have fun!

I hope this blogpost served you well! Feel free to get in touch if you’re in doubt about anything. I love to hear your story, brainstorm ideas together and help you create your dream website.

xx Dianta

from The Netherlands

I am Dianta, a web designer in white sneakers from the Netherlands. I am here to help you create a website that supports you in every business season. And cheer you on! So let's get to know each other? I'll go first.

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