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Photoshoot Real Love is Effortless Mylene + Stefan

“I want you to constantly touch each other. Hold hands, kiss and keep fiddling all-the-time” I said. Well, that wasn’t a difficult task for these two love birds!

Meet my niece Mylène and her boyfriend Stefan. Both teachers living in the sunniest corner of The Netherlands and together for almost 8 years. We met on a warm summer evening on the beach. I had a specific vibe in mind for this photoshoot. I wanted to capture their connection in a real way. Not thinking so much about lighting, settings, framing, and editing. Instead, have fun and not focus on creating ‘the perfect’ picture. What if a picture is a little bit blurry, or framing is a bit crooked? All that matters is that the photos radiate their emotions. So we had lots of fun and I am in love with the result! And they did too! Countless picture frames were made 😉










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from The Netherlands

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