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Interview | Wedding Photographer Silvia Falcomer

A blogpost in English, how fancy!

I feel like an awesome international blogger. Why in English you’re wondering? Well, I met photographer Silvia on Instagram. She makes the most beautiful pictures I ‘ve ever seen. The style, the mood, the quality. It made my photography heart skip a beat. I just had to know what this girl-boss is up to! Silvia is born in Italy, living in Amsterdam and traveling the world. So that’s why this blogpost is in English! I know we were to cool for school, but we are Netflix addicts, so I have no doubt you can’t handle this 😉
The first time I met Silvia in Amsterdam we talked for hours. The second time I met Silva in Rotterdam, we made pictures for my website and we talked for hours. The third time I met Silvia in Amsterdam, just to catch up, we talked for hours. Really, when I plan a date with this pretty lady, I need to take the whole day! She is so freakin’ awesome. Read, admire and see for yourself as she tells you her story…

What’s a day in the life of Silvia Falcomer?

A day in the life of Silvia, well every day is different, if I’m not shooting lovers, families or weddings, I wake up around 6, I like to have an hour for myself, with a nice breakfast, meditation, sometimes I hit the gym. Then I start my working day with the less creative stuff such as emails, contracts, office stuff, then I jump into my favorite part: the editing, but I also like to fill my days with coffee with friends, get to know my city better, cooking or shops hunting.
I basically don’t have a routine and that’s what I like about my job, who knows how tomorrow is going to look like.

What inspired you to pursue photography? And starting your own business?

I always loved photography since I was little, I was dreaming of being a travel photographer back in the days. When browsing on the internet I bumped into some American wedding photographers and in my mind I wanted to be like them. I wanted to tell stories, capture emotional moments, I wanted to make creativity my daily life.
I started my own business out of fear, I was getting into the teaching path when I was living in Italy, and felt that was not my way. I was having a crisis and I could not see my future but I was dreaming of my future as a photographer basically every night. So one day I just decided to start over in Amsterdam, I packed my 20 kg of life and left.

What was your go-to learning platform in the early days? Who are your favorite photographers/mentors?

I’m a self-taught photographer, in the beginning when everything is new you have to start from somewhere. You Tube was a great source and Nadia Meli’s channel and Jasmine Star had the answers I was looking for. I’m a huge fan of photographers such as Alice Mahran, Thierry Joubert, Phil Chester, Sara Byrne, Pablo Beglez, they all capture emotions in a unique way.

Now that you have proofed yourself that you can make your dream come true. What would you have done differently?

I would ask more questions, I would not be afraid to get in touch with photographers I admire.

Family and friends were not happy you moved to Manchester? What would you like to say to those people now? What would you say to your younger self?

They weren’t, in the first place my parents. After my graduation, getting back from an amazing year in Manchester, I found myself in a place where I wasn’t happy. I felt unsatisfied, empty, my life had no purpose, I was dying inside, make people unhappy, broke my heart. I had the feeling of guiltiness is still with me all the time with the fear that one day I have to move back. Now in Amsterdam I’m at peace, people now have accepted my choices, even if it’s not easy for them, but I wasn’t meant to stay in Italy. This is something I knew since a very young age. To my younger self, I would say to follow your dream earlier, I was 27 when I made the change. I always knew this was the way to go, but I didn’t follow my heart, my gut, I was too afraid to disappoint people.

What’s the best part of your day? What is the most challenging part?

The best part of my day is when I shoot, when I meet people, when I get to know their stories.
The worst is when I have to deal with office stuff. I find myself procrastinating sometimes, but in the end, I feel satisfied because these are not easy tasks for me. In the end, I get the feeling that I can do everything on my own.

What was the first OMG pinch me a moment during the early years?

When I got to photograph a wedding in Kuala Lumpur. It was my first destination wedding and I decided to stay in Asia for a month, that was one of the best moments of my life.

What were some of your favorite weddings and why are they special to you?

I have to say that I loved all my weddings for different reasons. My first wedding in Amsterdam was very special, I loved the couple, they trusted me even with every little experience. And they took me to Malaysia for their second wedding, the bride was original from KL. Then the wedding of my dear friend Polina, she got married in Germany and for me, it was amazing to be there as a photographer and a friend. I don’t know, I can’t choose, I love all my couples and weddings the same way.

Which wedding trends do you love at the moment?

I love bohemian weddings. I love nature and I would love to capture more adventurous weddings. But in the end, I love when a couple makes their own traditions and style their wedding following their heart instead of trends. For me emotions are the most important things, it can just be a bride and groom and all the love of this world, that’s enough.

Best piece of advice for a bride in general. Or when photographed on her wedding day?

Do not hold yourself back, show your feelings and trust your photographer. She’s going to be your shadow for the entire day, you have to feel comfortable with that person and she will show who you really are.

For all the dreamers out there, what advice would you give them?

Do not wait until you are perfect, you’ll never be. The beauty of photography is that there is always something to learn. It’s a never-ending challenge for yourself, so start and shoot shoot shoot, ask questions, be curious.

What advice would you give entrepreneurs who want to pursue a career in photography?

Well, I hope to be special 🙂 I think I put a lot of myself in my photography, we are growing together, we are both making mistakes, we are feeling the same. We are the same thing, there are no boundaries anymore, what I feel is in my photography.

What makes you special as a photographer? What can’t be duplicated and is really you?

I’m an open book, if you follow my Instagram account you can see what I like, what I do, basically everything. But I have to say that I’m introvert. I love spending time with people, but I also need time for myself only, that’s the way I recharge.

How did social media help build your brand? Do you have tips?

Social media helped, especially Instagram. I’ve been posting photos for 5 years and I don’t use any strategy honestly. For me it’s like a diary, I remember how I felt that day when I posted that pic. I don’t have a lot of tips, I always post what I like, a bit of work, a bit of my life.

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned so far?

To live out of your contort zone, try new things, meet new people, be open to the new, I see so many people afraid of putting themselves out.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I see myself living in Amsterdam with a consolidate business, capturing beautiful stories in Holland and around the world.

Top-3 Instagram accounts you check every day?

I stopped looking for inspiration in other accounts, I enjoy more looking at my friends feed, what they are doing, where they are going.

Where do you find inspiration for your creative work?

Travels are my fist fount of inspiration. I also love people watching, I’m a bit of a stalker, I like to imagine their life, why they are in certain place, what they are doing. I also find lots of inspiration when I talk to my friends. We never have small talks, always deep conversations about life, love, and how we can help each other. I’m very grateful for the friendships I cultivated during the years in Italy and here. I’m very lucky. Last but not least nature. I started to appreciate it recently, but really you can always find inspiration in very simple things.

Do you like to connect with Silvia?

Have you fallen in love with Silvia’s pictures? I did! Visit her website for more beautiful work. Share the love and follow + like her on Instagram. Or book an awesome photoshoot, you will be amazed, I promise.

xo Dianta

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